BMITE Day at the Capitol

Welcome to BMITE Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol!

We are glad you’re here. This page is the event page. It will serve as an informational and historical page for the event.
Registration closed on 25-March-2022; however, please email the BMITE President ( if you want to attend. Registration is required to guarantee packets for the event day but not a forced requirement for attendance.


Plan your trip to the Oklahoma State Capitol:

From Altus to Oklahoma State Capitol:

From Guymon to Oklahoma State Capitol:

From McAlester to Oklahoma State Capitol:

From Miami to Oklahoma State Capitol:

From Tulsa to Oklahoma State Capitol:


It would be best to park in the south parking lot and enter at the Southeast Ground Level entrance. First few sections of the south parking lot are designated as Representative and Senator Chamber spaces. Clearly marked with signs and painted curbs and text. The Sargent-at-Arms and Capitol security also patrol the area and will notify you if you are parked in an incorrect location. You will be asked to move your vehicle to the correct area. Please make sure to park in visitor-labeled areas. BMITE does not have reserved parking for this event. 

Accessible parking is available in the front of the South side of the Capitol. Proper placards and permits will need to be displayed accurately to remain in those spots.

If you are bringing a school bus, please use the East parking lot and Tunnel system to access the Capitol building.

Looking back, Northside of Capitol building off Lincoln Blvd. Daniel Devers


The best entrance to the Capitol (from the South Parking Lot) is the one on the ground level on the Southeast side of the building. (Shown below) You’ll enter into a new entrance area. The tunnel system will be on the right as you enter if you want to check out the remodel underground tunnels to the parking on the East of the building. (It’s nice!)

If you use the East Parking Lot you will use the tunnel system to enter the Capitol.

The security check point and virtual interactive maps are available for directions right after you enter the glass doors.

Capitol Rules

Here is a the website for prohibited items at the Capitol:

There is security screening at all entrances to the State Capitol. Your personal items are x-rayed and subject to search. Every person will need to walk through a metal detector. (Very similar to airport security, except you don’t have to take belts, shoes and jewelry off).

No running, use inside voices, be respectful, observe and obey directions from Capitol staff and security.

We are here while business is being conducted, please during session if you sit in the gallery of the House or Senate, be quiet, listen, cell phone use is discouraged inside the chambers during session.

Photo of Oklahoma House Floor, Daniel Devers


At the Capitol, please dress appropriate to the event. We ask you dress professionally. Business casual is minimum expected. (As guests you are not required to wear ties and blazers, not expected) However we do ask that you wear collared dress shirts and slacks. Please no denim and ripped jeans.


Remember Lunch is on your own! BMITE will not be serving lunch at the Capitol. There is a cafeteria / snack bar located on the ground level with vending machines. Please check out the restaurants around the District areas. We have prepared a ”Places Around OKC” below of this website for your information to help with your lunch decisions.

Mask Policy

Oklahoma State Capitol does not have an official mask mandate. City of Oklahoma City’s mask mandated ended March 1, 2022. It is left to the individual offices and departments. Please be courteous and observe the personal wishes of each office and department. Look for the signs on the entry doors of those spaces.

NOTE: Suggested, bring a mask with you. Some offices require masks; others do not. Please be respectful of their individual requests. You don’t want to turned away because you don’t have a mask.

Registration Desk

The Registration Desk will be open at 8:00 AM, April 7th, 2022. It will be located in the Supreme Court Hallway on the 2nd floor. Registration will close at 9:30 AM.


*subject to change

Guest Speaker, Skye McNiel8:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Announcements and General Information – Welcome BMITE President9:05 AM – 9:15 AM
Break (move to Galleries)9:15 AM – 9:30 AM
Sessions Begin9:30 AM
Lunch on your own (check out the OKC districts below)12:00 PM
Time to Visit Representatives & Senators (if available, check with their administrative assistants)
Capitol Tours
1:00 PM

Capitol Tours

Oklahoma Rotunda, Daniel Devers

Volunteers give tours starting on the ground level at the gift-shop every 45-minutes. No paper self-tour booklet are available at this time (due the remodel) If you are wanting a tour of the Capitol, suggest you book those tours in advance.

Please check out the brochure for a map of locations, and points of interest below.


  • Rotunda view from all the floors (if you’re not scared of heights or have vertigo!)
  • Murals on the walls of the rotunda
  • Visit the Supreme Court, Governor, House and Senate Chamber Doors
  • State Seal on Ground Level
  • Notice the Elevator dials throughout the Capitol

Points of Interest

  • Visit the replica of The Guardian, on the ground level by South Entrance and gift shop.
  • Walk the underground tunnels from Capitol to crossing under Lincoln Boulevard
  • Visit the history across from the Oklahoma Capitol Gift Shop
  • Visit the Oklahoma Capitol Gift Shop
  • Visit the Rotunda
  • Visit every floor and look at the paintings and art in the hallways
  • Visit the oil derrick on the South/East side of the building
Great Seal of Oklahoma, 1st Floor Rotunda, Daniel Devers


Provide an educational experience to the students to learn about state government. Allow them the opportunity to see state government in action. As well, relate government in action with the importance of how it affects citizens, towns, cities and organizations (schools). Likewise, show a representation from the business, marketing, and information technology education programs across the state to Representatives, Senators, and other elected officials why it is important to support education.


Places Around the Capitol

Visit OKC

Named one of the Best Places to Visit by Frommer’s Travel and Travel + Leisure, Oklahoma City offers all of the culture, cuisine, attractions and amenities you’d expect in a modern metropolis. And with its rugged Western past, working stockyards and title as “Horse Show Capital of the World,” it’s rich in cowboy culture, as well. From family fun to romantic retreats to outdoor adventures you won’t find anywhere else, Oklahoma City has plenty of hustle without all the hassle.

Uptown 23rd District

Uptown 23rd District is one of Oklahoma City’s premier business and entertainment districts that continues to grow. Uptown is located along historic Route 66 with many iconic landmarks such as Tower Theatre, Gold Dome, the historic Milk Bottle, and Oklahoma City University’s gothic towers. Uptown stretches from Broadway to Pennsylvania on NW 23rd Street. Visit us and you will find great locally-owned businesses including restaurants, outstanding entertainment, and more.

16th Street Plaza District

Located on NW 16th Street between Classen and Penn Ave, the Plaza District is home to galleries, studios, retail shops, restaurants, performance venues and creative services. Choose from a variety of gourmet dining and drinking establishments and visit our retail shops featuring artist-made, vintage and retro clothing and home furnishings. Experience Oklahoma’s premier professional theatre company, Lyric Theatre, in the district’s historic Plaza Theatre, or enroll in classes at our dance, theatre or painting studios.

OKC Bricktown


This thriving urban district is home to more than 45 restaurants, bars, and retail shops, along with family-friendly attractions, public art, museums, galleries, and even an urban beach for summer fun. The diversity of businesses, educational institutions, housing and leisure activities in this area make it a true 24/7 destination, one of the most distinct and historic in OKC.

Post Event Survey

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