Region 2 Vice Presidents

Region 2 Vice Presidents (one-year term expiring August 2018)

 Tech Center – Shelia McMurry, Meridian Tech, continuing; no election necessary

 High School

Michelle Lewandowski, Broken Arrow High School

Bio:  Ms. Lewandowski has been teaching Graphic Design with CareerTech at Broken Arrow High School since 2007. During that time, she has been responsible for her own program development as well as working to implement new programs to the High School. With patient nurturing of the program, she has seen her own enrollment triple and is currently working to add another teacher to her design program next year.

Innovation is the key in Broken Arrow and with the start of this next school year the CareerTech class in Graphic Design will have the option of AP credit and College Credit and two new teachers admitted to BMITE, with the 18-19 school year seeing two more adds in addition to this year’s staff adds.

Coming out of Industry, herself, she is committed whole heartedly to the CareerTech mission of career readiness and life-long learning and works to promote this principal with her students by example as she works toward her Doctorate in Education.


Natasha Smith, Tulsa Union High School

Bio:  As a young Career Tech professional, I am thrilled at the possibility of serving in the capacity of Region 2 VP for Middle/High School. Although this is just my second year of teaching, I’m not a stranger to the world of Career Tech Education or the BMITE division. I strongly believe that I would be an asset to the BMITE officer team and the division itself. Additionally, I know this opportunity would allow me to grow as a professional and help me become better instructor.

With that said, I feel my qualifications are as such:

  • Punctuality – I firmly believe in being on time, even early, to everything
  • Detail oriented – I pay close attention to details and strive to do things right the first time but with the understanding that I’m not perfect and will occasionally make mistakes.
  • Communication and follow-up – I understand the importance of clear and concise communication as well follow-up. Both are important to the success of a team.
  • Team player – having served on multiple officer teams, I’ve developed the ability to work well with others. I especially have a strong understanding of how to work with individuals of different leadership and personality styles.
  • Strong listener – I pay attention and listen for meaning. When I don’t understand something, I ask for clarification.
  • Computer savvy – combined with my attention to detail and listening skills I would be able to efficiently take accurate minutes of the meetings
  • Passionate and Driven – I’m extremely passionate about Career Tech Education. As a product of a Career Tech program, I know first-hand the opportunities available to students. Now, as an instructor, I strive to ensure my students take advantage of those opportunities. I would bring that same passion and drive to the BMITE officer team.

Contributions to Business Education:

In the capacity of an instructor, my contributions are still few but valid. I spent the first year of my career watching, observing and learning – solely focused on teaching my students. Now, in my second year, I feel ready to start contributing in additional roles. I was always involved as a student, and I intend to do the same as a teacher.

I’ve served as the lead BPA Advisor at my school since my first year. Additionally, we’ve worked closely with our district Career Tech office to restructure our program offerings and are simultaneously teaching new curriculum as we develop it.  During the 16-17 school year, I served on the BPA Steering Committee as Assistant Event Director for the 500 events. This upcoming school year I will be serving as the Director for the 500 events.  Additionally, I current serve as the Diversity Action representative and as a member of the Nomination Committee for the BMITE division.

Prior to my career as a Career Tech instructor, I contributed to CTE and the BMITE division by serving on eight different officer teams at the various levels of BPA.

Thank you for considering me for the position of Region 2 Middle/High School Vice President.