Region 3 Vice Presidents

Tech Center:

Darin Lackey, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Portland Campus


I have been a CareerTech educator for almost 19 years.  I have been teaching almost 17 of those years at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in the Network Technology program.  I have been an active CTSO advisor for all of those years and really enjoy working with students in that capacity. In addition, I have been involved in leadership within OKACTE for many years. When my trade group was a part of the Trade and Industrial (T&I) Education division, I served on many committees within T&l and OKACTE including the PAC, Awards, and Mutual Benefit Plan committees. I also served as the T&l representative to the CareerTech Administrative Council (CTAC). I held the Vice President, President Elect, President, and Past President officer positions on the T&l executive board. At the ACTE national Ievel I have served as your Region IV Vice President on the ACTE board of directors as well as having served on the ACTE Executive Committee. During my tenure as Region IV VP I also served as a founding contributor to the ACTE Fellowship program and other task forces focused on increasing membership and member services. I feel that this experience would serve me well in executing the duties of the BMITE Region· Ill Vice President. I would really enjoy serving our BMITE membership in this capacity and look forward to representing you in OKACTE and ACTE.


Elizabeth (Liz) Dinkins, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Rockwell Campus

Bio:  The ACTE mission: It’s our mission to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce and that mission is exactly what I strive for every day in my classroom and in my division. I have worked within my division on advisory boards, presenting at conference, and as the Vice President of my region. I serve on our state BPA Steering Committee and help anytime state department calls.  I am active on the local level by presenting professional development workshops, and have presented at various conferences on the national level.

I have been the BITE/BMITE South Central Vice President for 3 years. In this position, I update and try to connect teachers in our division. I report out at our state meetings for our region and help select the Outstanding Regional Member for our BMITE luncheon at Summer Conference.

As a member of the BITE Steering Committee, I take advice from my advisory board to help update the standards. I provide resources, and help identify SOC codes for our programs. I am also on the Nominating Committee, and work toward keeping our division moving forward by nominating educators for our leadership positions who are innovative, creative, and passionate about what they do.

I have helped with obtaining prizes for the PAC auction, our division’s luncheon, and our BITE social. I encourage others to think outside of the box, and help with these activities, as well.

I have presented at Summer Conference many times. I have presented to help teachers get their CTSO up and running; use of new technologies in the classroom, Basecamp & Slack; collaboration among programs. I co-presented on collaborative classrooms at the Best Practices ACTE National Conference in 2014, where another teacher and I talked about how we have worked together to give students the same type of collaborative experiences they will see in industry. We talked to the administrators about how they can be supportive and encouraging of new collaborative experiences in their schools and how it can not only benefit the student, but benefit the school.  I also co-presented at the 2015 MBA Conclave National Conference, which was held in Oklahoma City over collaborative classrooms.

I believe networking is crucial to a successful CTE program. I am constantly searching for new opportunities for my students; for instance, I had students help with photography needs for the Career Tech Educator’s Hall of Fame banquet. My students took and edited all photos, getting them prepped for online posting where the honorees and their families could download photos from the event for free.

State Department also calls on my students to create a directory every year, where students take headshots of all TechCap participants, and layout the contact information in a professional directory that we print and send to state department.

I have also subbed in on the Career-Tech Administrative Council and taken minutes of the meeting when we needed a representative for our division.

I truly believe, being a leader means getting involved. Lead by example, I expect the same of my students.


High School – Amber Harp, Little Axe High School


  • Inventory/Expense reports/Payments
  • Management of 45 varied accounts, totaling over $150,000 yearly in funds
  • Spreadsheet & Accounting reports
  • Inventory & Records management
  • Collect, organize, and analyze data; summarize findings; recommendations
  • Administrative support to three administrators while overseeing three administrative assistants
  • Provide support to 60+ personnel, attendance, substitutes
  • Creating & implementing guidelines for faculty & students
  • Customer focused, high expectations, decision making
  • Self-motivation: Initiative and high level of energy
  • Team-building, meeting & event planning
  • Webmaster
  • Tolerant and flexible with different situations
  • PBIS leadership experience/support team member



Summer 2015 Oklahoma State University, CTE Courses
2010-2012 University of the Rockies, M.A., Psychology: Educational
2008-2010 Ashford University, B.A., Business Administration
1998-2004 Rose State College, A.A., Arts of Science
1998 Norman High School North, High School Diploma


Oklahoma Teaching Certificate: Business Education (040), Career Tech Business (040), Middle Level/Intermediate Mathematics (025)



  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access
  • Type 61 wpm, 10-key by touch
  • Outlook and other web based e-mails
  • Web 2.0 Tools, Internet


  • Basic HTML 5/CSS
  • Teacherease
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Office 365



8/2013-Present CTE BMITE High School Teacher/BPA & Senior Sponsor

Little Axe High School

  • Teacher of Today, Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma, 2016-2017
  • Teacher of the Year 2015-2016
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver instructional activities for Fundamentals of Technology, Administrative Technology, Desktop Publishing, Fundamentals of Web Design, and Multimedia & Image
  • Teach general education students as well as individuals with learning challenges and within a mainstreamed, inclusive
  • Assess/analyze collected student data to look for growth and for areas to
  • Create and implement CTE curriculum activities that are real world
  • Utilize online Learning Management System in all courses
  • Participate in training programs and educational courses to keep up to date with new teaching methods, new developments, teaching resources, and
  • Established positive relationships with students, parents, fellow teacher, and school administrators/staff.
  • Business Professionals of America Sponsor: Compete in WASP competitions at the state and national level for the last four years. Student volunteer work/local community donations. Hold yearly elections for offices and monthly meetings. Strive for a student lead


8/2013-Present CareerTech/BPA Contributions

  • We have attended the last four fall leadership
  • We have attended all but one State Leadership Conference. We were snowed out one
  • 2016-2017: BPA Steering Committee; Assistant Event Director for the
  • We have attended all National Leadership Conferences but 2016-2017. (My sister was graduating college the same weekend.) I have had students compete at Nationals two of the three times we have attended. One student placed 3rd at
  • I have attended all Summer Conferences since I became part of the BMITE
  • I have participated in just about all of the professional development/training that CTE has provided throughout the school year plus: summer Moodle training, Invest Ed, Photoshop and other Adobe trainings, two years of OU Gaylord’s journalism training plus
  • This summer I have received a full scholarship to attend the training this summer in Houston to teacher Computer Science and possibly AP Computer Science. It will include four follow-up trainings next
  • I have attended two BITE committee
  • Currently a BITE and OKACTE